York Castle (Clifford's Tower)

Clifford’s Tower is part of a castle complex that was erected in 1245 but this structure is not the original one. In fact, the original castle was made out of w… more

York Museums

York Castle Museum Facing Clifford’s Tower is the Castle Museum that backs onto the River Foss behind… more

Walmgate Bar

Walmgate Bar is one of the five main gates to the City of York. Walmgate Bar (or gate) is somewhat unique as it is the most complete in the UK in the sense that… more

York Castle (Clifford's Tower)

Clifford's Tower is much of what's remaining of York Castle.

York's Bars & Gateways

York's bar walls (city walls) and gateways into the city.

York's Historic Buildings

Some of York's most historic and largely visited buildings and structures.

York Railway Station

This Victorian railway station was the largest in the world during the time of completion.

York Minster

York's Gothic Cathedral the largest of its kind in Europe.

York St Mary's Abbey

St Mary's Abbey is situated in the Museum Gardens and like the majority of Abbey's lies in ruins owing to the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

York's Other Places of Interest

Besides York Minster, Castle and protective walls, York has some other places of interest pictured here.

York The Shambles

York's The Shambles medieval streets.

York Stonegate

York's medieval street Stonegate.