York Walmgate BarYork Walmgate Bar is the most intact gateway in the UK. This is because it still has its barbican and portcullis.

Walmgate Bar is one of the five main gates to the City of York. Walmgate Bar (or gate) is somewhat unique as it is the most complete in the UK in the sense that it still has its barbican and its portcullis. The barbican is the structure on the outside of the gateway that trapped enemies between the gate of the bar and the gate of the barbican so that missiles could be hurled at them. This even included boiling hot water. The portcullis is the iron grid gate that could be hoisted up and lowered down. The cattle market was relocated in the same area from 1828 where cattle was traded from all over the country. In the grassy banks of the walls the cattle would be penned awaiting their sale. However, since 1971 the cattle market resides in Murton close to the city. It is now known as York Livestock Centre. There were public houses (“pubs”) located just down the road at Fishergate that all faced the same way except for one which was the Edinburgh Arms. This was because the Scots would leave the public house on the opposite side to prevent drunken brawls between the English and the Scots.