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Videos for Places to Visit in North Yorkshire During 2020

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Without any doubt whatsoever, travel and tourism practices have been rewritten with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) owing to the heavy restrictions on travel during the outbreak. Intercontinental travel has certainly been tightly restricted limiting foreign visitors from entering the country. Even for those who live in North Yorkshire, non-essential travel has been discouraged especially on public transport. Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfast’s, restaurants, cafes as well as bars and public houses have also been restricted on how they can provide hospitality to visitors and residents. Therefore, it is with much frustration and disappointment that I am unable to provide any new material until the crisis is over. I had hoped to document many places of interest this year and now unable to do so.

Having said this, I am still hoping that at the very least, I can document Harrogate, Northallerton and Thirsk during the course of 2020. As a contingency, I am hoping to write some articles instead pertaining to places of interest in North Yorkshire and other similar topics.

Also please note that under the circumstances I am currently improving the videos produced last year so please expect to see these shortly.

Videos for My Best North Yorkshire Walks During 2020

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My Best North Yorkshire Walks was a series that I began last year in a vlog format. As rural walks are not very heavily populated, I am hoping to create some further videos of this genre. Last year, I did my best to support public transportation systems, particularly bus travel, but owing to the COVID-19 it will be unlikely that I am able to continue to support it in 2020.

However, car travel is contained and limits exposure to the virus, and therefore I am hoping to document and vlog various walks this year. The National Trust for instance are opening their parks free of charge throughout the outbreak, so visiting open spaces is being encouraged. This leaves me free to support and encourage this practice with further videos of North Yorkshire Walks.

Videos for Phovlography! During 2020

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It has been intended to use some of the same footage from My Best North Yorkshire Walks as part of the Phovlography! series of vlogs with additional scenes relating to photography. Both series are to be shot the same day/visit, and because visiting open spaces is not restricted, I am hoping to produce and continue this new series of videos. If for some reason I am unable to get to a location owing to the outbreak, I will be able to shoot Phovlography! local to where I live.

If you desire to learn photography, please visit

Encouragement Beyond the COVID-19 Outbreak

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I am very sorry that I am unable to visit various North Yorkshire towns, cities and other places to visit and document them. I also had plans to document events such as the Malton Food Lovers Festival this year, but as many events are being cancelled or postponed, it could be that we will have to wait until 2021.

One point I wanted to stress was how important it is to do as much as we can to support North Yorkshire businesses, especially independent shops, cafes and restaurants that are going to be adversely effected by the outbreak of COVID-19. If you live in North Yorkshire, please show your support by using these independent and oftentimes high quality retailers whose livelihoods are bolstered by tourism and the business it generates. Granted, large supermarkets are fantastic retailers and convenient, but these are more able to endure than independent retailers are.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Phill James

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