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Best North Yorkshire Walks

Visit York and North Yorkshire through Video

If you enjoy the best North Yorkshire walks, we are currently producing video diaries of popular walking routes in the county. North Yorkshire is situated on many long distance walking routes such as the Ebor Way, Cleveland Way, Centenary Way and more.

Where to go for the best North Yorkshire Walks

Best North Yorkshire Walks

For some suggested walks for various abilities and durations, please see My North Yorkshire Walks. These video diaries give advice and suggested routes to take for the best scenery in North Yorkshire. We also look at the do’s and don’ts as well as the must see’s. You can also select a walk from the menu above.

In this series of videos we undergo walking routes around

  • The North York Moors National Park
  • Dalby Forest
  • The Vale of York
  • The Yorkshire Dales
  • York City Walls
  • North Yorkshire Coast
  • The Howardian Hills

For the current playlist of YouTube videos please follow this link for a collection of North Yorkshire walks.

Taking Your Dog(s)

Best North Yorkshire Walks

If you are planning on taking your dog or dogs with you, almost everywhere in North Yorkshire is ok. However, occasionally there are walks with stiles and if your dog is large, you can hardly be expected to lift them over the fence. So it is recommended to stick to the most major and popular walks that tend to have gates rather than stiles.

Another point to remember is that in areas where there are grazing livestock, it is best to keep your dog on a lead of no more than a metre a way from you.

The Most Scenic Areas in North Yorkshire

Best North Yorkshire Walks

Most of North Yorkshire has fantastic scenery which makes it one of the most popular areas in the country to go walking. However, you may need to focus mainly on the following.

  • If you prefer a walk that is flat with very little in the way of hills, then you may want to concentrate on the Vale of York. The Vale of York is a large area of flat land.
  • If you prefer walks with scenic hills with good views then you may want to consider the Howardian Hills and The Yorkshire Dales. The North York Moors also contains some hilly areas too.
  • If you enjoy walks by the coast then the most likely route is along the Cleveland Way, a 109 mile walk between Filey and Helmsley via Saltburn by the Sea.
  • If you enjoy a walk that includes lots of wildlife then just about any location in North Yorkshire would provide, but it is suggested to go early morning. North Yorkshire includes roe deer, rabbits and hares, mink and otters, voles, stoats as well as squirrels (grey and red), and a whole variety of bird life.

Walking Equipment and Clothing

Best Walks in North Yorkshire

There are some fantastic walks in North Yorkshire, and some you can do in every day casual clothing, especially in Spring and Summer. However, the following is suggested if you are considering taking up walking on a regular basis.

  • A good pair of walking shoes or boots that support your ankle and have good grips in wet and icy weather.
  • Some lightweight trousers are best as they tend to dry out quicker in rain showers. You should never wear jeans in inclement weather as once they are wet they stay wet. Never wear skinny fit while walking, but consider loose clothing that gives you flexibility when climbing styles, walking up steps and hills. Walking trousers should be durable and robust as well as shower proof.
  • In some circumstances you can wear shorts, but it is not always recommended especially on the North York Moors where there are ticks and adders. Best to wear lightweight trousers that are breathable.
  • Dress for the climate, wear a base layer in winter, a fleece top as a mid layer, and top layer waterproof clothing should be lightweight and breathable. Don’t forget you generate heat as you are walking.
  • Good pair of walking socks made from wicking material (draws moisture away from the skin).
  • In summer, it is a good idea to wear a hat especially if you receding. However, in winter, a woolly hat is often a good idea.
  • Always carry food and drink. This can be hot in winter climates but it’s recommended to take water with you. High calorie foods such as nuts and chocolate comes in compact form which doesn’t take too much room in your ruck-sack.
  • If there are strong cold winds, then ensure that your clothing is wind-proof.
  • Clothing and accessories for walking are generally made for purpose, so try to ensure that they are designed especially for walkers.
  • Walking gear need not necessarily be expensive. Stores such as Sportdirect and Amazon can often times have good deals including walking shoes, fleeces, socks and base layers.
  • A first aid app on your phone is suggested in the rare case of an accident. The British Red Cross to a fantastic free to download app for both Google Android and IOS. Also, What Three Words is a great free app to help emergency services locate where you are much quicker.
  • It is also a good idea to carry a whistle in case you run into difficulties. Always use the popular walking routes and never go off path.
  • A compact first aid kit is often a good idea.

Golden Rules for North Yorkshire Walking

Best North Yorkshire Walks

  • Always shut more gates than you open.
  • Always take food and drink with you.
  • Keep dogs on leads around livestock and precarious paths.
  • Always keep to the dedicated paths.
  • Respect rural properties including fields with grazing animals and crops.
  • Check yourself and your dog if you have one at the end of a walk for ticks and bites.

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