Stately Homes, York England

Barley Hall

Barley Hall was accidentally discovered during building work revealing this stunning building. Learn more.

Treasurers House York England

Treasurer’s House

Treasurer’s House was built to impress Edward VII. Learn more.

York Mansion House

York Mansion House

York Mansion House is the home of York’s Lord Mayor’s. Learn more.

King's Manor York England

Kings Manor

Kings Manor was the Abbots lodging at St Mary’s Abbey. Learn more.

Fairfax House York England

Fairfax House

Fairfax House is a Georgian town house full of eye catching and historical exhibits. Learn more.

Merchant Adventurer's Hall York England

Merchant Adventurer’s Hall

York Merchant Adventurer’s Hall is a medieval Guildhall and was a meeting place for the Guild of Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1357. Learn more.