The City of York England
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The City of York England​ City of York England

The City of York England

The City of York England features thousands of years of history so it stands to reason much of this reflects in York's architecture too! The City of York boasts a dominating cathedral, medieval protective walls, lavish Georgian homes, a Norman castle keep, timber-framed buildings throughout the city as well as impressive parks and gardens!

York City Walls Smartphone Tour

The City of York England

The original city wall was constructed by the Romans but what we see today is largely medieval. We take a walking tour from Bootham Bar through to the Multangular Tower in Museum Gardens and highlight what to look out for and where to look!

Walmgate Bar most complete gateway

City of York Smartphone Tour

The City of York England

The City of York spans thousands of years of history since neolithic times through to the modern day. We take you on a walking tour across the City of York and reveal what there is to see in this fantastic city!

York River Ouse Smartphone Tour

The City of York England

We have devised a healthy walking tour beside the ever so scenic River Ouse starting from Kings Staith to the Millennium Bridge, through the city to Water End and finishing our tour at Lendal Bridge. Simply follow with your smartphone and learn more about the landmarks along the way!

York in Focus

York in Focus is a free online magazine starting very soon featuring one article per week. We will visit attractions, learn more about York's history, discover dominant landmarks and much more!

Top York Entertainment

We have put together York's most popular entertainment venues for theatre, live music, sports and leisure activities, parks and gardens, shopping and much more!

York's Historic Streets

Without a doubt, the City of York features some amazing historic structures. York also features some extremely historic streets that date back to the Roman times! We explore more about them!

Need a hand getting around York?

The City of York England

We have put together some of the most useful information on bus services and rail services with visitors in mind. These include links to official websites as well as the best place to catch your bus!

Plan an unforgettable experience in the City of York England today!

Our guided tours are fun, concise and informative to help you enjoy your visit to York further!

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York in Focus

The City of York England. Join Phill James as he discovers the City of York through articles, photography and video.


The City of York England. York has many live entertainment venues as well as cinemas, ten pin bowling, and other activities. We have put together our favourite that we think you will like!

Historic Streets

The City of York England. The City of York has a network of streets and medieval lanes that you can explore. We take a look at some of these astonishing historic streets that attract visitors from all over the world.

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