Chocolate Story, York England

About York Chocolate Story

York Chocolate Story has a sweet story to tell. During the industrial revolution the main trade in the North of England was textiles and steel. However, York had both the chocolate and railway industries that were both predominant employers throughout York’s history. 

The coming of the railways helped to sweeten the chocolate industry in York, aiding the product to be distributed. 

York has had a chocolate history for around 200 years with the establishment of the Terry’s of York factory.  Later, Rowntree’s also became a significant employer and producer of chocolate, starting with just a small grocers shop in the city centre. 

Sadly, the economics of our time have seen chocolate being made in other parts of the world, including Terry’s famous Chocolate Orange that is now made abroad. 

Without a doubt, the chocolate you find here has a 200 year filling of history and York Chocolate Story hasn’t left anything uneaten when it comes to telling the tale! Whatever the case, you certainly do not need a sweet tooth to enjoy this museum – but it helps! 

Where to Find York Chocolate Story

You can find York’s Chocolate Story at Kings Square in York (near The Shambles). 

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