Places to Visit in North Yorkshire
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North Yorkshire Walks

Visit York and North Yorkshire through Video

My North Yorkshire Walks Video Diaries Introduction

In this ongoing series of videos, I will be covering some of the best North Yorkshire Walks in the form of video diaries. We will find a walk, find our way there, engage in the walk, and report everything that happens as we engage on our walk. This series of videos will help you to preplan and prepare for carrying out the walk yourself. This is an ongoing series to subscribe to!

How to use this website for North Yorkshire Walks

North Yorkshire Walks

You can use the menu system above to navigate to a particular North Yorkshire walk. Each walk contains the video, useful links, a Google map and the narrative to the video. The video describes the route of the walk to help you find your way when you get to perform the walk yourself. Please always adhere to the walkers code of conduct and put into practice the safety advice given.

  • Close more gates than you open
  • Keep dogs on leads around livestock
  • Stick to the paths
  • Don’t walk alone
  • Wear appropriate shoes and clothing for the climate and terrain.
  • Never wear shorts on the North York Moors owing to adders and ticks.
  • It’s not a rule as such, but downloading a First Aid app on your phone is a good idea just in case.

My Yorkshire Video Diaries so far….

North Yorkshire Walks

Simply click the thumbnail to view the North Yorkshire Walk through a video diary. Don’t forget to put your walking shoes on and follow along after you have watched the video.

Scarborough Cleveland Way Best North Yorkshire Walks

Scarborough Cleveland Way Best North Yorkshire Walks. This has been republished with some improvements for 2020 as the Coronavirus has restricted new videos being produced.

Come and join me on
a discovery of Scarborough's forgotten shores where we find hidden beaches, cliff's, coastguard hut and more as we walk from Scalby Mills to Cloughton on the #ClevelandWay.

For more info about this walk please visit

#Scarborough Forgotten #Shores #Vlog #NorthYorkshire

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