Places to Visit in York England

York is a historic city in England dating back from Roman times. Therefore the city contains some historic structures of enormous interest and they attract visitors from the world over. We’ve put together some of York’s main visitor attractions and provided you with some interesting facts about them.

York Minster Cathedral

York Minster Cathedral

York Minster is the largest gothic cathedral in the world. Learn more.

Clifford's Tower York England

Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s Tower is what remains of York’s two medieval castles. Learn more.

The Shambles York England

The Shambles

The Shambles is one of York’s medieval streets and once sold fresh meat upon its window ledges. Learn more.

Multangular Tower York England

Multangular Tower

The Multangular Tower is part of the original Roman wall that fortified the fortress built here.Learn more.

Bootham Bar York England

Bootham Bar

Bootham Bar is the most northern gateway to the city of York. Learn more.

Monk Bar York England

Monk Bar

Monk Bar is the most eastern gateway to the city of York. Learn more.

Walmgate Bar York England

Walmgate Bar

Walmgate Bar is the most complete gateway in England as the barbican still remains today. Learn more.

Micklegate Bar, York England

Micklegate Bar

Micklegate Bar is the most southern gateway making it the Royal Gateway to the city of York. Learn more.

Fishergate Postern Tower York England

Fishergate Postern Tower

Fishergate Postern Tower is one of the remaining towers on the York City Walls. Learn More.

Red Tower York England

The Red Tower

The Red Tower is the only red brick structure on the York City Walls. Learn More.

Fishergate Bar York England

Fishersgate Bar

Fishergate Bar is a smaller gateway without a roomed structure. Learn more.

Dick Turpin's Grave York England

Dick Turpin’s Grave

Dick Turpin’s grave can be found at St George’s Church in York. Learn more.