Things to Do in York England

This website is designed to be a brief and concise smartphone guide to accompany your visit to York England. In this guide we will explore the main attractions in York city centre and give you some insight into what they are and their historical purpose.

Things to do in York England is a concise guide to your visit to York England

The city of York began its historical journey when the Romans constructed a fortress by the River Ouse, protected by Roman walls. At this time the settlement was known as Eboracum. However, as time progressed, the Vikings invaded establishing the settlement of Jorvik (pronounced Yorvik). Since then, the city has been occupied by the Normans, Georgians and Victorians. Therefore, York carries an enormous history which is reflected in its architecture.

York boasts the largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe and the most complete city walls in England.

Places to Visit in York England

York is a historic city in England dating back from Roman times. Therefore the city contains some historic structures of enormous interest and they attract visitors from the world over. We’ve put together some of York’s main visitor attractions and provided you with some interesting facts about them.

York Minster Cathedral

York Minster Cathedral

York Minster is the largest gothic cathedral in the world. Learn more.

Clifford's Tower York England

Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s Tower is what remains of York’s two medieval castles. Learn more.

The Shambles York England

The Shambles

The Shambles is one of York’s medieval streets and once sold fresh meat upon its window ledges. Learn more.

Multangular Tower York England

Multangular Tower

The Multangular Tower is part of the original Roman wall that fortified the fortress built here.Learn more.

Bootham Bar York England

Bootham Bar

Bootham Bar is the most northern gateway to the city of York. Learn more.

Monk Bar York England

Monk Bar

Monk Bar is the most eastern gateway to the city of York. Learn more.

Walmgate Bar York England

Walmgate Bar

Walmgate Bar is the most complete gateway in England as the barbican still remains today. Learn more.

Micklegate Bar, York England

Micklegate Bar

Micklegate Bar is the most southern gateway making it the Royal Gateway to the city of York. Learn more.

Fishergate Postern Tower York England

Fishergate Postern Tower

Fishergate Postern Tower is one of the remaining towers on the York City Walls. Learn More.

Red Tower York England

The Red Tower

The Red Tower is the only red brick structure on the York City Walls. Learn More.

Fishergate Bar York England

Fishersgate Bar

Fishergate Bar is a smaller gateway without a roomed structure. Learn more.

Dick Turpin's Grave York England

Dick Turpin’s Grave

Dick Turpin’s grave can be found at St George’s Church in York. Learn more.

Museums to Visit, York England

There are certainly many museums to visit in York that reveal the long historic presence that the city has. It is the home of York Castle Museum, York Art Gallery, Yorkshire Museum, York Minster’s Undercroft Museum, York Chocolate Story, National Railway Museum, York Army Museum, Jorvik Viking Museum, Roman Bath, Holgate Windmill and the very poplular York Dungeon that brings York’s history to life by means of theatrical entertainment.

York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum

The Castle Museum is situated at Clifford’s Tower, what remains of York’s two castles. Learn more.

Yorkshire Museum

Yorkshire Museum

The Yorkshire Museum relates to themed exhibitions based on local history. Learn more.

York Art Gallery

York Art Gallery

York Art Gallery recently reopened in 2015 after refurbishment. Learn more.

Bar Convent Museum

Bar Convent Museum

York’s Bar Convent Museum tells the historic tale of religion and how it endured persecution. Learn more.

York Army Museum

York Army Museum

York Army Museum/Royal Dragoon Guards describes the history of how it was established in 1992. Learn more.

York Dungeon

York Dungeon

York Dungeon brings York’s horrible histories to life in theatrical entertainment. Learn more.

York Chocolate Story

York Chocolate Story

York Chocolate Story tastefully describes York historic confectionary production. Learn more.

National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum includes famous locomotives such as the Mallard. Learn more.

Roman bath

Roman Bath

What seemingly is a public house also contains the remains of a communal Roman bath. Learn more.

Jorvik Viking Museum

Take a visit back in time to York’s Viking era with sights, sounds and smells! Learn more.

Holgate Windmill

Holgate Windmill is York’s last surviving windmill in walking distance to the town centre. Learn more.

Stately Homes, York England

Barley Hall

Barley Hall was accidentally discovered during building work revealing this stunning building. Learn more.

Treasurers House York England

Treasurer’s House

Treasurer’s House was built to impress Edward VII. Learn more.

York Mansion House

York Mansion House

York Mansion House is the home of York’s Lord Mayor’s. Learn more.

King's Manor York England

Kings Manor

Kings Manor was the Abbots lodging at St Mary’s Abbey. Learn more.

Fairfax House York England

Fairfax House

Fairfax House is a Georgian town house full of eye catching and historical exhibits. Learn more.

Merchant Adventurer's Hall York England

Merchant Adventurer’s Hall

York Merchant Adventurer’s Hall is a medieval Guildhall and was a meeting place for the Guild of Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1357. Learn more.

Other Attractions in York England